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Friday, November 10, 2006

Taking Back Harry's Other Seat

First off, a little apology to anyone who has stopped by here in the past couple of months, hoping that I'd finally gotten around to updating this blog. It was hard to find the time, and I felt that, given the intensity of the Senate race and the Stem Cell Amendment race, it would be difficult to keep this up to date on the 2006 races, and no one much was thinking about the 2008 races.

Fortunately, those 2006 races turned out pretty darn good for progressives in Missouri: the Stem Cell measure passed, the minimum wage was hiked, and Jim Talent was told to take a hike! Pretty exciting stuff, but it is just the beginning...

Throughout this campaign, Senator-elect McCaskill talked about the importance of the Democrats taking back Harry Truman's senate seat. Now it's time to focus on taking back Harry Truman's other seat: the one in the Oval Office.

And who better to take it back than Russ Feingold? Like Harry Truman, Russ Feingold has the vision to use the White House to fight for universal health care and other measures that will make the economy work for everybody. Like Harry Truman, Russ Feingold has the courage to stand up to the Republicans and tell the truth the American people. Like Harry Truman, Russ Feingold has the integrity to do what he thinks is right no matter what the polls or the pundits thinks.

Missouri will be the key to the Democrats taking back the White House in 2008. In the past century it has voted for the winner of the Presidential election every time except 1956. So, let's start laying the groundwork for winning Missouri for Russ Feingold!

To get more involved, go to RunRussRun.com, and if you'd like to help work on the Missouri for Feingold blog, just send me an email, I'd appreciate the help!